Saraswati Films


Krishna: History or Myth?

   The film is based on the astronomy of the MahaBharata, the archaelogical findings, the living tradition and the oral tradition of India. The pivotal part of this film is the testimony of Dr. Narahari Achar, a physicist from The University of Memphis, who uses images of the night sky which are back dated to up to five thousand years before the present date(BP) and correlates them with the 140 references to be found primarily in two principal books of the MahaBharata to arrive at a date of 3067BC for the Kurukshetra war.

The film has been translated into six languages, it was shot on location in four countries and has now been watched by millions of viewers worldwide. It is estimated that every day in some part of the world an estimated two thousand viewers watch this film, a considerable achievement for a film rejected by major broadcasters.

The Ishrat Jahan Conspiracy

   Untold truth of the Ishrat Jahan case. The film was made in 2013. It was released in early 2014. The mainstream media chose not to show this film on television. The film came back into sharp focus after 2016 revelations by TimesNow.

SaiBaba: An Indian Jesus

   The film details the life and times of SaiBaba of Shirdi. The film makes the point there existed in India numerous saviours of mankind. Each of these saviours could perform extraordinary miracles. What is unique about SaiBaba of Shirdi is that in the year 1886 he was resurrected from death after three days. This feat was witnessed by hundreds of people at the time in Shirdi as a grave was dug for him.

One of his disciples called Mahalsapati steadfastly refused to let SaiBaba be buried insisting that SaiBaba said he would come back after three days.

Bharat Ek Chetana

   A fascinating film, which brings forth an important idea of India, the spiritual aspect, which is shown on film more than ever before.

Insightful interviews with Madhu Kishwar, Prof. Makarand Pananjspe, Dr. Yvette Rosser, Dr. Anirban Ganguly, Dr. Gautam Sen, Dr. Prakash Shah and Jay Jina.

Directed, filmed, scripted, and narrated by Dr. Manish Pandit.