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   Dr. Manish Pandit is a director, scriptwriter and cinematographer, who is known for making films on topics which nobody else within the broadcast and non-broadcast media has the guts to touch. He has made several films including the acclaimed Krishna: History or Myth, Mumbai: Pani Mafia, SaiBaba: An Indian Jesus and perhaps his best known film The Ishrat Jahan Conspiracy(2014). His films can be divided into two principal categories, those which pertain to religion and those which pertain to politics.

He is a physician who lives in the United Kingdom. He arrived in England in the mid 1990's and trained as a surgeon before switching career streams to Nuclear Medicine in 2003. He is an alumnus of BJ Medical College in Pune. He has had an active interest in Indian history and spirituality since he was 21 years old, which is also when he met his Guru, Nakhate Maharaj. He maintains an extensive personal library of books on Indology. He is one of the few experts on ancient Indian astronomy. He has also studied the Vedas under the tutelage of Phatak Guruji of Pune in the late 1990s and can recite parts of different Vedic samhitas. He retains an avid interest in Indian mysticism and his advice is sought from all over the world on matters concerning this difficult subject. He has in the past also written books on Jyotisha on which he is considered somewhat of an expert. He is acknowledged to be one of the few scientists with extensive traditional knowledge of Indian scriptures.

When not working in the field of medicine, he spends time filming for one of his many documentary projects or lecturing on subjects of importance to India.